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Formidable Blocks in the Gutenberg Editor


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I've started using Gutenberg am very excited about what is now possible with it. I have very quickly been able to get over a few hurdles to do with custom post types and custom taxonomies not appearing in the editor, and it's now live on one of my sites. It makes the editing experience genuinely more intuitive and dare I say powerful.

The number one issue is that there is no Formidable block type yet. Are there plans for this?

Just curious, other than adding a shortcode to display a form, view, or graph, what would you expect a Formidable block to do?

With the classic editor, there is a button available which will bring up a dialogue that allows you to select views, forms, and edit the options. This will output the exact shortcode that you need into the editor. I've attached a screenshot of that button.

As far as I know, this doesn't appear with Gutenberg, and so inserting a form or view requires navigating to the relevant Formidable page, copying the shortcode, and working out what options you need using the documentation, before returning to the Gutenberg editor to paste it. This feels protracted now that I'm used to the slick experience with the classic editor.

So the Formidable Gutenberg block would, at the very least, mimic that functionality and output a shortcode. Of course part of the vision of Gutenberg is to make the admin experience closer to the front-end experience, and so if it would actually show the relevant form or view whilst editing a post, well that would be perfect.



Very good question... not sure that Vfontjr answered your question very well...

As you said I would at a minimum expect a formidable button like the current text editor with front end

Gutenberg blocks displaying like the current form.  (See attached file.)




As a Community Volunteer based forum, the people answering questions here have no inside knowledge as to what the Formidable team is planning for future releases. We are end users just like you.

It's been my experience, that Yoast is one of the very few plugin developers that have released an update to their SEO plugin that integrates with Gutenberg while it's still being tested. Most other plugin developers that I deal with have adopted a "wait until it's released in WordPress core" policy before they'll disclose any integration at all. The most frequent answer I've seen is "we're working on it."

I suggest that you ask the Formidable team directly through their support channel. You may even be able to ask if there are any Beta testing opportunities available. Until they announce something about their plans, or someone from the Formidable team responds in this forum, which they do from time-to-time, you may not have an answer forthcoming.

Thank you, @vfontjr. Yes I expect nothing will be released until Gutenberg is released and activated by default with Wordpress 5.0. Contacting support sounds like a good idea. I'd be quite an eager Beta-tester.

I've been using Gutenberg for some time now and I'm underwhelmed by it to say the least...

Same question here. Didn't see Formidable button available in Gutenberg.



so no button yet in Gutenberg?


What is wrong with Formidable...?





Formidable added a Gutenberg block for inserting forms and views in Version 3.05.

Yes and?

Sorry but we can't see the button to add. And we can't see it in the article you mentionned...

There is just a screenshot with the block selected... Ok but how to add it ?

You add the block the same way you add any other block in Gutenberg. Click on the add block icon at the top left of the page and search for Formidable.


Yes thank you very much

But "no block found"

I think there is a bug. I'll contact the support.




I have no Formidable Forms Blocks in my blocks gallery, either. Searching does not turn it up either...

The solution is to desactivate the Gutenberg extension.

You don't need it because this extension are in the core of WP 5.

After that you'll see the formidable form icon.


Discussion closed.