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Formidable multingual problem


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Hello I have problem with translation things I have done:

I have made a completly new form, fields name are in english. Main languange in WPML is set to english.

I made translations and a email confirmation.

Everythings looks like on top of the screen - ok

After this I get email notification - everything ok, but then if I open form builder - it looks like on the bottom of screen - fields name are changed with polish names...


There is no CDN, caching plugins turned off.
It was working fine for months, problems occured after wordpress update I guess


What is the default language set to in WPML? Translations work best if the default language in the WPML settings is the same and the default language set for the string translations.

Everywhere is the same language - english

I don't know how to help you then. I suggest you open a support ticket with the Formidable team.

Discussion closed.