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Formidable Pro along non-pro


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I am running Formidable Pro on a number of sites, since several years, and I am wondering about one thing: is it currently (as of December 2018, with Formidable Pro 3.04.03 being the current version) required to have Formidable Pro installed alongside Formidable (the non-pro version)?

Or is this situation resulting from my sites being ancient, before some change happened that made Formidable Pro a fully featured plugin rather than an add-on?

Can I disable and remove the non-pro Formidable?

No you can't. At one time the Pro version was baked into the free version. A few releases back, the code base for free and Pro were separated into different plugins. They both work together and both are necessary. The Pro version is an add-on to the free version. Pro won't work apart from the free version.

Thanks for confirming, indeed that's how it works now!

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