Formidable Pro API has each response as a random key


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    "fikug": {
        "id": "172",
        "item_key": "fikug", .....

When I query my form for the results I get a random 5 character key per response.  If this necessary?  Can we make it so that there is either no key or that something predictable?  I'm not saying I can't work with it, but my life would be a lot easier if it wasn't random characters for the key of each result.

Hi Yung,

When you're building your form, you can manually set a key for each field in the Field Settings (see screenshot). Otherwise, each field will have a random 5 character string assigned to it, which is what you're currently seeing in the response. Try editing your form and manually setting the key to something more readable and see if that helps!



Hi Maryann,


I've looked all over to change the field ID, and there isn't any for my form.  I can and have changed all the field key's for the different sections of the form.  However the item_key is randomly generated each time I do a call for the entries for each entry.  I have not been able to find out where i can make sure that the item_key would be serialised a certain way.

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