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I am very close to publishing a Formidable Pro Course on Udemy. As far as I can tell, it will be the first of its kind. While I am still building the content, I thought I would ask, "What topics would you like covered?" I have sections for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced users. If I like your topic suggestion and decide to include it in the course, I'll probably do so as a bonus lecture. Thank you for your input.

I think the following would be nice, but they're just ideas:
1. How to create a View
2. Set up editing
3. Set up a search form
4. Create a post with a form
5. Register a user with registration add-on
6. Set up profile editing with a Formidable form (and registration add-on)

Anyone else have ideas for helpful tutorials?

Thanks Jamie. I've already got the first 5 covered. #6 makes a lot of sense.

That's great! Some other ideas since you've already got those covered:
1. How to create a directory.
2. How to create an event calendar.
3. Set up calculations with separate values.
4. Set up an autoresponder.

I've sent this link to the rest of the team so they can post in here if they have any ideas as well.


How is it going. Did you publish the course of Formidableforms?

Follow up if this ever got published?

Any news on this. We searched Udemy but did not find this course.  Would be of a great benefit.

It seems that Victor Font  doesn't respond to the questions anymore. So I think he quit working on it.

what happen to the first 5 he already covered ?

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