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This is a bit off topic, but I am sure there are others wondering the same thing. 'How long is a piece of string?' Seriously, I have been asked to duplicate one of my sites a client loves, and have no idea what to charge as I have never done it professionally before. Will take about 2 weeks to do. (Previous development time and what will still need to be done) Any suggestions will be most helpful.

A demo version of the site (still in development so please forgive bugs) can be seen at

What value are you providing, what's you time worth, and how much profit do you want to earn? If you value your time at $40/hours and you want to earn $20/hr in profit, then you charge $60/hr. Since you estimate 2-weeks, 40 x 2 x 60 = $4,800. I would add 20% for contingency for $5,760 total.

Premium developers charge twice as much. It's all in how you position yourself.

If your going to do this as a business, I suggest signing up the WP Elevation Blueprint training.

Thank you. This helps. I will definitely look at WP Elevation Blueprint training.

NOTE: Consider adding Twilio SMS messaging addon to this... and FF automation addon feature to schedule additional follow on review questionnaire or service follow ups. Think "marketing/service" automation.

Most consultants like hourly... clients hate it.

What I have found is I give a set price for Version 1.0.

Design fee - fixed (for existing site... colors, email... all the notices...)
Custom Design - Hourly
Set up fee - fixed
Annual hosting fee - fixed (dont let them put this on a server that you are not on)
Service on existing features - hourly with minimum
Development of new features - hourly with minimum

Because if it takes you two weeks to copy what you have you shouldn't be a consultant... I think i could copy this site in about 20 minutes... and another 2 hours setting up email and on my own server.

I use Dreamhost in the US ... fixed price for unlimited number of domains on 1 account.

Also consider setting up a network site (Multi site)

So I use Cloning to create new domain sites from existing template ... takes about 2 minutes. Buy the domain for your client and point it to a subdomain on your multisite set up...and clone template to that folder.

Good Luck.

Thank you. This is most helpful. Just a quick explanation. It does not take 2 weeks to set up the site itself. The time is used in the customization to make it compliant with the end users existing standard operating procedures and all the back end stuff required for H&S audit reporting which is unique to each organisation. There is no one option that will suit everyone. I agree, duplicating the site only takes about half an hour.

Thanx again

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