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Front End Editing Inside Views


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Hello Formidable Community!

I am trying to setup front end editing in a view detail page using the following code:

<div id="frm_container_[id]" align="center">
Click EDIT below: </div>
<div align="center">
[editlink label="Edit" prefix="frm_container_" fields="105,921,924,922"]

it shows up but it's a view with 3 pages broken up by page breaks and instead of showing those 4 fields it starts at page 1 of 3 and says "next" but if i click next it automatically updates instead of taking me to the next page.  Is there a way to have it only show those 4 fields and not the entire editable form?

So I also tried using the exclude_fields parameter with the fields as well as without the fields taking out EVERYTHING except what I needed/wanted to be able to edit... but still I get the same issue...

the next button does not go next, but it updates so there is no way to see the fields I want to update

Use this code snippet to remove page breaks.

If you want to remove page breaks on the front-end, change the following from the above example:


if ( ! is_admin() ) {
return $fields;


if ( is_page(123) ) {  //Change 123 to your page ID where the editable form is
return $fields;

On that page insert your code with the exclude fields and lets see what happens.

Discussion closed.