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I am trying to use the gated content tutorial, but I am running into problems.  I have created the form, the view and placed the view on a page and told the form to display page content.  However, the tutorial has the view with "file name" in the shortcode, but there was no indication about uploading anything yet.

Does the form have to be on a seperate page?  I am lost, it would almost seem like some steps are missing from the tutorial.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to be able to upload a document to a form and retrieve a secure link that someone can see upon submission.


Hi Walter,

Do you have a link to the tutorial you're following? I'm not sure which one it is.


Chris | FDM Digital

Are you referring to this tutorial:

The form should be on its own page and made available to your users so the files can be uploaded.

The view displays the protected content to on a separate page.

Yes. That is the tutorial I am talking about. The part I am most confused on is this:

The View shortcode should look like this, where:

123 is the ID of your View
Test File is the name you put in the File Name field when you submitted the form, and

The view shortcode that gogoes on the page that displays the view? identified includes this filename=“Test File” and above it says the File Name Field when you submitted the form?

No no where in the tutorial does it mention the submission of a form?

I think the tutorial assumes some basic fundamentals like you can't have data to display in a view without first submitting it through the form. That's what the term "submission of a form" means. You have to place the form on a page, enter the data, and submit it. Once you do that, the data is available to the view to display.

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