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Could you add a feature to Formidable forms so you can set how long form entries should be kept?

I read the article:

But GDPR requires that you keep data only so long that it is necessary. See also:

I also saw that there is some code to do that like here:

Delete Entries after a date has passed

But in my opinion Formidable should have this as a standard functionality in the plugin as the deletion of form entries is obligatory according to GDPR.

Of course one could use this custom code or even manually delete the form entries to oblige to GDPR requirements. But I think software should make life easier and it is a more stabile solution. So I think a contact form plugin in the GDPR era should have a 'configurable time based deletion functionality' built-in.

What are your thoughts? Please support this request as I'm hoping it gets picked up by Formidable!

I agree that it should be a standard feature, but in the Pro version. By configurable, I mean that the time limit should be configured on an entry basis OR a form basis. For example, define the time limit on the basis of a number of days, weeks, months or years after the entry was created or last updated. Or define it as an absolute date in the future for all entries made form the form.

Hi Guys,

I agree that this would be a useful feature for GDPR.

I would suggest adding it as a feature request on the Formidable website though and not on the community forum as this isn't monitored by Formidable developers.


Hi all.  I can see where this functionality could be very useful in regards to GDPR compliance/maintenance.  As indicated in previous posts here, lots to think through.  I would cast my vote to add as a feature request and b happy to iterate current thoughts into a more specific outline of a use case specification?


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