Get data from Formidable entries to a Woocommerce product?


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My question is all about piping through data from Formidable Pro to Woocommerce.

I am working on a web shop for an ice cream parlour. The lads there already use a WordPress-Website to inform their customers on what kinds of ice cream they have on offer on a daily basis. They log into a page with a Formidable form, check the various ice creams they have on offer this day.

I then use Formidable display and a bit of CSS to display the result on a screen hanging in the ice cream parlour.

Is there any possibility to get this data (i.e. from Formidable entries) to a Woocommerce product? The product would be an ice cream cup you can mix yourself, taking scoops from the various kinds of ice creams that are on sale that day.

It is no help to use the form with the various sorts itself. The form consists of all kinds of ice cream they are able to make, not those, that are on sale.

Example: Your form consists of three kinds of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. You chose that only vanilla and strawberry are on sale today. The information then goes onto display. The web shop user therefore should only be able to use these kinds of ice cream that are on display: vanilla and strawberry - which is information given in Formidable entries and/or Formidable displays.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and kind regards,

You'll need to the Woocommerce addon and use FF to create a Woo post with the different flavours for variations.

The variations can then be adjusted daily for the product allowing the customer to choose which ones to add to cart.

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