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Get radio button option label instead of value


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Is it possible to get the option label from a radio button field and store it in a hidden field? The separate values of my radio button field contains different values that I need to use in a calculated field. The option labels for my radio buttons are 6,12,24,36,48 and will need to be multiplied by the separate values in the calculated field, so I need to store the option labels in a hidden field for this purpose (unless there is an easier or alternative way?)

I've tried amending the code I found on Formidable for doing the exact same thing with a dropdown field here, but it didn't work - I changed the reference type from e.g. select[name='item_meta[994]'] to input[name="item_meta[988]"] as per the instructions on that same page.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I could of course just use a dropdown field instead, but a radio button makes the user experience much clearer, IMO.


This jQuery will retrieve the label text:


Thanks, that's great - I'll have a play with it later to make sure it works (I switched to dropdown boxes while waiting, so need to change things around a bit).

Thanks again,


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