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Get value of checked box


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I thought this would be easy, but I can't find the exact method to retrieve the value of a checked box.

I tried input[name='item_meta[74][]']:checked.val

I'm just trying to retrieve the value of each checked item, pre-pend that value with some text and seperate each value with a comma (or just append a comma to all items.) I haven't created the loop yet, but here is the core of my code:

var propTypes = "";
var checkboxes = document.getElementsByName('item_meta[74][]');
for (var n = checkboxes.length, i = 0; i < n; i--)
propTypes = '&idx-q-PropertyTypes%3C0%3E='concat(input[name='item_meta[74][]']:checked.val);



Are all of the checked boxes within the same group or are you using individual checkboxes?

If you are using individual checkboxes, you just need its value:

$("#field_224zki-0:checked"). val()

If you are using groups, you have to loop through the group:

var values = new Array();
$.each($("#field_224zki-0']:checked"), function() {

Thank you, I could not find that simple instruction anywhere!

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