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Graph shows no data


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I'm trying to create a graph that shows the record count for total number of emails for each month.  I get 'No Data'.   I'm thinking I can use any field so I chose the email_address field (212) for form 16.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


[frm-graph type="column" fields="212" x_axis="created_at" group_by="month" form="16" data_type="total" title="Email Graph" x_title="Month" y_title="Email Count"]

I got it to work.  I noticed that you can't use 'fields' and 'form' together.  I assume it knows what form because all fields are unique.

[frm-graph fields="212" type="column" x_axis="created_at" data_type="count" height="500" width="100%" group_by="month" y_title="Email Count"]


Can I see data from two forms if I add a field from one form and another field from another form?

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