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I am having some troubles with check boxes on my camp registration form at

When parents complete the form, they select how many campers they would like to register, and then they check off the radio boxes for which weeks they would like to attend.  Each week has stored values (week 1 is 325, week 2 is 325.00, week 3 is 325.000, week 4 is 325.0000).  The values in the check boxes are then multiplied by how many campers are signing up.  This total is then used when making a PayPal payment.

Everything works fine, except for what is stored as entries, and when the automated email is sent back to the person who registered.  If you check off all 4 checkboxes for weeks of camp (or any checkboxes), in the email that is sent it only lists Week 1.  No matter what check boxes you select, it only comes back as Week 1.  If you sign up for four weeks of camp.  It will say Week 1 four times.    Attached is a document showing the issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much.


You'd be better off using a different coding than the 325 variants. I suspect that the system is seeing them as numeric equivalents. That's why it's always using week 1 in the email. Without seeing the actual code, it's not possible to know for certain.

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