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help with graph Legends and Axis


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Hello!  We've been searching the forums with no luck.  This should be easy - here goes...

We created a form for registrations.  One field is a radio button with long descriptive labels explaining membership type.  This has an ID of 164.  We are also using "separate values" which are shortened versions to use in the email confirmation, for example.  The saved "separate values" have no ID, however.

We successfully graph the registrants (membership type) but the long field is horrible for the Legend; there are <strong> tags which display, too.

The "i" (info circle icon) for Separate Values says, "option values are saved while the option labels are shown in the form"

Actually, we see both (option values and option labels) in Entries but only the option label, which is long, has an ID 164.  We are using [164 show=value] in the registrant email but can't find how to use this for the *graph* (Legend.)  Also, we would like to filter the separate value (such as "if 164 contains x" to get all x memberships grouped together.)  We can't use 164 because the long descriptions make filtering impossible.

We thought of using hidden fields but can't seem to set them conditionally.

For the same graph, COUNT of memberships should be WHOLE numbers for the axis - why the .5?  Searching for this, the Formidable person said 1) anything you can do with Google graphs you can do with Formidable and 2) you have to write custom code to change the axis labels - HUH?  This should be much easier...

Thank you!

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