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Help with user-created anonymous polls


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I have a client who is eventually planning to build an app, but wants to try a proof of concept on the web first.

The idea is that a user would create an account at the site and select three descriptors from a bank of options. They would send out a request to 10 people to rate those three things on a numeric scale, say 0-10.

The user would see only anonymous aggregate results of the responses to the poll of three items.

A user would be able to login to see all of the different polls and results they've sent out in the past.

My gut says that Formidable Pro can totally do this, but it's outside of the scope of anything I've done yet. Will Formidable indeed work for this, and, if so, how would I go about it?

Wishlist but not necessary for proof of concept:

  1. Show results of polls graphically
  2. Poll reply notifications, or notification when all replies received.
  3. Maybe require respondents to create an account before responding?
  4. A user could send out the same poll again later to the same group of people. Or a new group.

I don't know if this can be done without some level of custom programming on several levels.

Forms aren't setup so you can reply to them. If a user chooses three descriptors and sends out an email to 10 people to rank them, that means the descriptors would have to somehow be dynamically added to a form where the ranking interaction can take place. The request email is easy. This is standard Formidable. I'm not sure how to do the ranking part. It doesn't mean it can't be done, it just means it's late where I am and I can't visualize a solution at the moment.

Security could be an issues providing visibility to responses.

The last challenge is the the 2nd requirement. Poll reply notifications, or notification when all replies received.

So the ranking, security, and polling would all require custom development. How much? I don't know without detailed desgign/requirements. If you're client has a reasonable budget, enough perhaps for 2-3 weeks of work, then anything he's envisioning can be accomplished through Formidable.

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