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Hide Entry Key field from user on backend editor?


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Is there any way to remove the Entry Key field (and user field for that matter) from the backend editor view? It is a unnecessary and confusing field for the user to see when they are simply wanting to input some content. If there was a simple class/id to call that hides the fields via css, I could do that, but I was unable to find one when checking the source code.


Hi Bryan,
Backend editor is meant for Wordpress administrators and developers. It requires admin role - not meant for your users. If you want to allow your users to enter details in your Form, all you need is publish your Form in a Wordpress page/post.

Actually, I've had no problems at all with other (non-admin) users working within the back-end editor. It isn't just intended for admins. It's a simple matter of giving the permissions in the Global Settings of FP to any role needed.

The issue still stands - showing the "Entry Key" with an input field is confusing to the users who utilize the backend editor.

You are right. Permissions can be given to end users to use backend editor but as I said before it is not user-friendly. It also has a Wordpress default look and feels.

It is easy to build a frontend entries page with the option to view/add/edit/delete entries.
1. The easiest option is to use "formresults" shortcode -

2. If you like more control, go for Views -

If you are still like to go with backend editor, the following code might help. This is a quick hack. Not guaranteed to work.
Basically, it adds custom CSS to the admin page. The CSS hides the last frm_form_field - assuming it is always "Entry Key" field. Customize it according to your needs.
You can use Code snippet plugin to add this code (configure it to run only run in administration area)
add_action('admin_head', 'hide_item_key_field');
function hide_item_key_field() {
echo '<style>
#form_entries_page .frm_fields_container div.frm_form_field:last-child {
display: none;

Thanks Sujeevan. Yes, I actually have front-end forms set up already, but I need them to have access to the Media Library, which is still not a feature that has been rolled out with front-end forms. The only way they can get access to the Media Library is through the back-end.

Thanks for the CSS. That was what I was using for it, but without knowing for sure it would always be the last field I didn't want to implement it. Might be my only option, though.

Appreciate it.

I see. yes, if that is the case, no other option.

It is hard/impossible to hide "Entry Key" label with CSS. Perhaps you could try jQuery.

You can hide the entry key field with this CSS:

.wp-admin input[name="item_key"] {
display: none;

Unfortunately, the entry key label has no ID or unique class. This means you can't hide the label with CSS. You'll have to use jQuery for this.

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