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This is my next fence to jump over.

I want to hide the submit button on conditional.

There is an example in the knowledgebase for an input of the term "red" into a field, but this hits not my intention.

I want to have the submit button displayed only in between two deadlines specified in two fields.

Conditional: Show the submit button when field"current date" is greater than field"start date" and field"current date" is less than field"end date". I played a little bit with the code in the knowledgebase but without a positive result.

Perhaps someone can help, thx in advance


You can use jQuery for this. Initially hide the button by creating a rule in style.css:

.frm_submit { display:none };

Then create a jQuery snippit that triggers on change for start and end dates, then shows the submit button when the conditions are met.


Hello Victor,

thx for your response and thx that you think I could do the snippet coding. That may be a nutshell for someone who works daily with that, but I have to learn from scatch and there is not so much time which I can effort for doing this.

If there is an example snippet yes I can use it with my dates or otherwise is there a possibility to buy a snippet like this?

Best regards, Godie

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