How can I add a class in a display form code


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How can I add a class or styles in a display form shortcode?

For instance this one:

{display-frm-data id="16317" filter="limited" limit="1"]

If I want to add a max width on this one how can I do that?





You can't do that in the shortcode. But I have 2 suggestions: 1. What happens if you open the "text" tab and include the shortcode in a DIV?

Second option: when you edit the view settings, the "listing page" (the section that holds the field codes) allows you to add HTML to construct a table. You could build your HTML table structure and use inline styling.

But then you would have set maximum width but your table would be too wide on a mobile device.  That can be solved by using classes that you define in the style.css of your theme.

Good luck!

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You can add whatever classes you'd like on the form's settings/customize HTML tab. You can add classes at the form level or on an individual field level.

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