How do I create entries from emails?


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I want to create Formidable Form entries from emails to info@{mysite}.com.

I can't do it with the Zapier Add-on.

Any suggestions are very welcome

Assuming field values of the form is in the email body and it needs to be parsed, you will need to write code. It is not easy but possible.

Given the complexity of listening to incoming emails, I would still choose Zapier but not the Zapier add-on. In Zapier, set trigger to email and action to "Javascript" or "Python". Write js or python code to parse email and send entries to Formidable form using REST API. You will need "FormidableĀ API" add-on for that.

That is really helpful Sujeevan. I have never usedĀ  Zapier and did not know about the JavaScript and Python capabilties.

This does open a world of possibilities for integration. In my experience email is a very robust integration mechanism - it is essentially a store and forward queue and many clients find it much easier to send an email than hit a web-api.

I will keep this thread updated.


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