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Hi Everyone


I am displaying a clickable link via a view on a page. This is working fine, however is there a way I can change the wording of the link to read for example "Click Here" instead of just the link?

Thank heaps!

Hi Isabelle,
How do you generate the link in the View? If you use an HTML a tag, simply change the content to "Click Here".
If this is not clear or doesn't answer your question, copy your View content or the part where you generate the link here so I will be able to help.

Hi, Thanks for your quick reply! I generated the link by submitting it via a form using the url field. Here is how its displayed




Ok. As far as I know, text can't be set with that shortcode.
you can use an HTML a tag instead

<a href="[860]">Click Here</a>

Perfect that worked!!! thank you so so much!!!


You are welcome

My question is


in <a href="[860]">Click Here</a>

how i can make the file open in a new tab?



Hi Chris
I would suggest to Google "open link in new tab". There are plenty of resources online to learn about HTML and a tag. If you still can't find the answer then let me know.

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