How to create a discounted price in form??


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I am trying to create a discount code. I have three price points [$89,$119 and $189] but if a person applies a discount code (or they could check a box instead, I am flexible) and their price will be reduce to $39 from $89 or $99 from $119 or $189.

How do I set this up??


Thanks so much in advance!

Try here

in the calculation area you can try something like [232]  - [232] * 43 /100    OR    [232] - 50
where [232] is your dropdown field or $89 .

Thank you so much for your assistance, Azlan! Very much appreciated.

Question 1: Please see the attached image. The field varies in price. Ex. 1. $49 = $0 discount 2. $119 = $20 discount and 3. $189 = $90 discount. How do I apply the different rates to one field??

Thanks again!

PS. That article is very helpful!
PPS If you think the payment field could be handled in a more elegant fashion )not a dropdown?), please let me know.


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