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How to Remove Honeypot?


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Hi all,

I've been trying to track down the solution to this, with not much success.

I've been working on a series of sites with an SEO company, and they would rather not have the hidden fields present in all of the forms.

This line of code does not seem to be ediatble:

<label for="frm_verify_3" class="frm_screen_reader frm_hidden">If you are human, leave this field blank.</label>

Does FF have any sort of function to strip this away?

If you remove all the hidden fields, Formidable will stop working. In fact, almost all of the fields on a multi page form are hidden until the page they display on is visible. Your SEO company is misinterpreting Google's position on hidden content and overreaching to say it includes hidden fields.

Google recommended that code must be hidden but website content not hidden for website visitor. Hidden fields are code, not visitor content. Google knows all about form design and expects people to use hidden input fields in forms. Google uses hidden input fields in forms.

Removing hidden input fields provides absolutely no SEO value whatsoever. It just breaks code.

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