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I updated to a recent version but it has disabled the Field Settings has got disabled. How do I revert back to an older version?

Whenever you have an issue related to jQuery failing, it's likely a plugin conflict. To troubleshoot, use your browser's built-in inspection tool and view the console tab. This may point to jQuery/Javascript errors that are preventing scripts from executing.

If this shows no results, you'll have to step through the standard WordPress plugin troubleshooting steps by deactivating all plugins except Formidable, and reactivate them one-by-one testing Formidable after each step until you find the culprit.

Last, if none of this works, switch to a default WordPress theme and test again. The theme itself could be causing a conflict.

As for reverting, you can download previous versions here:

Using FTP, delete the current version from the plugin directory and reinstall the older version.

The most recent update of Formidable also destroyed my site. CSS was lost and code in views became mangled and in some cases, disappeared. Thank goodness I had a backup....

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