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How to show creation date of a form in a field in the same form


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Hi there,

I really don't get it how I can get the creation date of a form in a field in that same form to do calculations with it. I would like to have a field that calculates the age of the form, and also the time since it was updated. How to do it in a view is explained on the Formidable website, but all the instructions refer to a field that I don't know how to show or make in the form: the famous x field as in [x show="created-at"].


The created_at field is part of the frm_items table and is automatically populated by Formidable when an entry is saved. If you want to access it in a view for the purpose of showing the age of the entry, you'll have to do this with custom code. You would have to hook into the frm_before_display_content filter.

If you want to display this on the form when an entry is updated, you have to use the frm_setup_new_fields_vars and frm_setup_edit_fields_vars filters.

To complicated for me I'm afraid.


You should consider hiring a dev if you really need the functionality.

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