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On a couple of our client websites, "IF YOU ARE HUMAN LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK" is appearing above the Formidable form on the contact page.

Can anybody advise why this is showing and how I should go about removing this line?

Many thanks,


It would help if you posted a link to one of the pages.


An example of a page where this is happening can be found here: https://tillison.co.uk/contact/

It only seems to happen on first load / when opening the page in an incognito tab.

Any help / advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


That's hidden text used for accessibility, which is necessary to be there. Its CSS classes are frm_screen_reader frm_hidden.

The fact that it's showing means that some of your CSS is not loading or executing properly. From what I can tell, something on your site is blocking the Formidable CSS from loading. I don't see the plugin's CSS files in the source code.

When I look at the site in the Firefox inspector, you've got dozens of CSS errors on the page. And, I can see a glaring HTML error in a div at line 407. Any or all of these errors can prevent subsequent files from executing properly.

Until you can cleanup your code and locate the source of the errors, this won't be fixed. There's a lot going on on that page.

This could also be related to WPEngine's cache you are using. I've got customers on WPEngine where I have to disable all caching through the dashboard before I can make changes to their site. Once I'm finished working, I re-enable and rebuild the cache to make sure CSS changes are picked up.

Thanks Vfontjr for the feedback, that was really useful in getting to the bottom of the issue!



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