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Importing complex forms


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I am building very large and somewhat complicated forms, and need to know exactly how to import all the information needed for a new form. For instance, I need to be able to import branching and other conditional requirements. Ideally, I do not want to use xml, as csv formats are much easier for me. I appreciate any advice on how to do this efficiently.

Do you want to import the form itself or the data associated with the form? Please explain what you mean by branching? If importing a form from another Formidable installation, you have to use XML. CSV imports for data is a Pro only feature.

The one caveat of which you need to be aware is that if your form uses jQuery or views, the jQuery or view should reference fields by their key, not ID. Field IDs are generated by WordPress and will change when you move a form between instances. Your jQuery or view will break when exporting/importing forms between WordPress installs. The field key is a static field. The jQuery or view will continue to work.

What exactly are trying to accomplish?

In answer to your questions in order:

I need to import everything to build the form, not the data.

Branching: Formidable calls this 'conditional'

We have Pro.

As to what I need to accomplish, I need to import a csv file, with literally everything needed for a form, everything from titles to settings.

I just tried exporting a form via CSV and it doesn't work. The form selection checkbox is disabled when CSV is selected as the export format. Forms, views, and styles cannot be imported or exported as CSV. Only data can. This is true of the upcoming 3.0 release as well. I've attached a complex form exported as XML so you can see an example, but quite frankly, I think you'd be better off building the form from scratch.

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