Increasing the limit for Custom fields in Create Post


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I read that you can increase the limit placed on custom fields. This is the code given to do this.

add_filter( 'postmeta_form_limit', 'increase_custom_field_limit' ); function increase_custom_field_limit( $limit ) { $limit = 999; return $limit; }

Does anyone know where I place this code to increase the limit? I tried to add it to the Formidable-Pro.php file under the Formidable Pro folder, but no increase.

Custom code like that goes into your theme's functions.php. Never change plugin code.

Adding to theme's functions.php is the commonly used approach. But my personal favorite for Formidable form hooks is Code snippet plugin

I add a new snippet for each hook that I use. The advantages are clean, organized, easy to disable/enable a specific hook and code can't be accidentally lost by theme related issues.

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