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I am interested in purchasing an enterprise license because I need to install the plugin on more than 15 websites.

First, I would like to know if a domain license is assigned to each domain, or if the license key is unique to all domains.

So I'm worried that one of my clients can reclaim the license code from the wordpress database and

use it on other domains. Is there a way to monitor this?


Thank you

Hi Mario,
This is actually the community forum. It sounds like it would be better to post in the help desk.

Thank you!

Hello Steph Wells,

and thanks for the quickly reply.

I think this response can also give the community, I'm not talking about confidential information but information that all that have a paid account can give.

I tried to open a private ticket but it has arguments only "Say Thanks" and I not found any information about commercial department contact.
If this information is secret, can you remove this theard? I've seen you're moderator.
Thank you



Hi Mario,

Steph is correct that your question is an account-related question. You will get the help you need in the official help desk, not here in the community forum. The official help desk has an option to "ask a question." (Shown in screenshot). Use the option to "ask a question" to get official account-related support.





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