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Insert a Link to Update a Field Using a Form Field


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I really like the following shortcode for something I would like to do, but I would like to be able to populate the value with a text field that I submit in another form. Is this possible?

[frm-entry-update-field id=x field_id=y value="new value"]

This might you help -

I originally tried the front end editing described here:

but it didn't work because the form that I created uses the Next button.  This is what's causing the issue so I'm trying to think of an alternative way to update the field.  I even tried moving the field to the first page and it does make it visible, but I still see the Next button, instead of Update button.

Ok. In that case, you could try this idea (Requires Formidable API add-on or Custom code).

1. Add a link or button called "Update my field" and redirect the user to
Here xyz is the entry id of the record that you want to update

2. Create a new form (let's call it form2)
a) Add a field identical to the field that you're trying to update in the first form. Use [frm-field-value field_id=x entry_id=[get param=entry]] shortcode in place of default value to get current value from first form. Replace x with the field id of the field you are updating in the first form.

b) Add a hidden field called entry_id. Use [get param=entry] in place of default value

c) In the settings --> tick "Do not store entries submitted from this form"

d) In the "On Submit" settings, redirect the user back to the previous page.

The idea here is to prepopulate form2 with entry id in the hidden field and the current value in the other field.

3. Now when the user submits form2, we have entry id and the new value the user trying to update. We can either use Formidable API add-on or frm_after_create_entry hook to update the details back to the record in the original form.

Instead of redirecting the user to a different page, you might be able to do it inline by hiding/showing the form2 when the user clicks on edit/cancel button with help of Javascript. You might also need to enable AJAX submits in form2.

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