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I'm a long time fan of FF and Thrive Themes (TT) toolset.

However recent updates make it "impossible" to integrate FF with Thrive Leads (TL). The consequence is that FF forms don't trigger conversions on TL when are submitted and that is precisely the value of the plugin. 🙁

I'm trying to figure a way to accomplish that.

The path I'm exploring now is to use WP thrive native integration. This integration creates a new WP user when a Thrive Leads form is submitted.

Now I have to find a way to automatically create a new entry on an FF form when those new users are created by the TL integration.

I search the forums and didn't find any clear answer to push WP users to entries.

Do you have any ideas? I'm not a coder but if any of you point me to some example scripts it would be very helpful so I can do some trial and error until I get it right.

Thank you!


You can integrate with Thrive Leads through Zapier. That's the same way I integrate Formidable with Active Campaign.

Thanks vjontjr!

That's a possibility I'll have into consideration. I'll keep looking for a no recurrent cost solution though. I like zapier but all these costs add up.

Zapier is free for the first 5 zaps.

I found an alternative solution.

My initial problem was that when I copy pasted the FF HTML code into TL, the form would not work. It wouldn't add an entry in FF or it wouldn't count as a conversion in TL.

After several trials, I found that deleting a specific line of the generated TL HTML form, everything starts working again.

The generated HTML should have something like this by default:

<input type="hidden" class="tve-f-a-hidden" value=";action=architect&amp;tve=true&amp;_key=1&amp;r=5be86f7aa92ba">

Delete it and everything should work again.

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