Is it possible to use a view as the registration page?


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I'm trying to set up a new user registration page that people can use to create a new user. Most of the time, logged-in users of a particular role will be creating new user profiles for other people, so I set up a view that uses if statements to decide whether or not the user viewing the page is the correct role to create a new user, with the form shortcode embedded in the view, which is embedded in a page. But then when I try to set the user registration page to that page it says the page doesn't contain a registration form, so I can't use it!

If you are referring to global settings --> registration --> registration page, I guess it doesn't detect the Form inside the view.

There is a better way to do what you are trying to do. This is usually my approach for similar use-cases.

I create two registration forms.

1. Public registration form - for anyone to register in your site. This is your typical Wordpress registration form and adds this as registration page in the global settings mentioned above.

2. Restricted registration form for admin or similar roles to add new users. This page can only be viewed by admin roles (I use members plugin for this). There is a setting in "Register user" Form action in your registration form called "Allow logged-in users to create new users with this form". Enable it and inside "Role required to create new users" setting, select roles that you'd like to allow creating new users. Now when this registration form is visited by a user with a selected role, they can create new users.

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