Is there a way to filter the display of uploaded files?


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I currently have a form which allows a user to upload an audio file as part of an entry.

I am able to display all entries by a user on a view/page, including those entries that contain an audio file, - but I was hoping to only display just those entries that contain an upload audio file.

Is this possible?

I useĀ [audioplayer file="[X]"] to display audio files...

Any help, most appreciated.


Perhaps I could use this code snippet?

add_filter('frmpro_fields_replace_shortcodes', 'frm_greater_than_less_than', 10, 4); function frm_greater_than_less_than($replace_with, $tag, $atts, $field){ if ( isset ( $atts['greater_than'] ) && isset( $atts['less_than'] ) ) { if ( $replace_with > $atts['greater_than'] && $replace_with < $atts['less_than'] ) { // do nothing if there's a match } else { $replace_with = ''; } } return $replace_with; }


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