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license renewal question


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I'm new here.. about to sign up, but I was just wondering about renewals.  Is the license that we purchase good for lifetime, or are we expected or required to renew and pay the fee every year? If I don't need support from formidable after the first year, can I just keep using the plugin after just paying the fee once?  Thanks!

After your license expires, renewal is required for continued access to support and plugin updates.

Yes what Victor says.


check the bottom of the page here.


I was just about to purchase Enterprise when I saw this and I believe I may be misunderstanding what I would be paying for...

Enterprise option only:

Everything in Business and:
+ Unlimited sites
+ Elite support
+ Stripe
+ WooCommerce
+ ActiveCampaign
+ Salesforce
+ HubSpot
+ Form Action Automation
+ *** Lifetime updates for Formidable Pro & existing add-ons***
+ 1 year of access to style & form template library

it saids Lifetime updates for Formidable Pro & existing add-ons

does this mean...
If I purchase an Enterprise Formidable Pro package today sun 23rd 2018, which contains all the current pro-add-ons for 2018-2019 up until when my subscription ends, and I am happy with just those purchased products, I will NOT receive lifetime updates for what I've purchased today?

Because if that is the case, it should not say lifetime, because that package option says to me that, if I pay today I will still receive a lifetime of updates, regardless of what I decide to do in a year after my subscription ends.
Put another way:
Whatever Formidable develop after my subscription ends I would not receive access to those newer products nor updates for those newer products released after my subscription ends, but I will still have access to my current products and they will continue to be updated for life.

Please clarify :-)




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