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The tutorial page on Views says to put this anchor text to get a link to the detailed view in a table entry:

<td><a href="[detaillink]">whatever</a></td>

In my case, the actual link that's created looks like this:


But when I click it I get a NOT FOUND error.

When I go into the Entries page for the form, I can see that the entry for #26 is valid and the record that I want to display.

How are these links supposed to be structured? What am I missing?


Hi David,

I've had the same issue recently when i created a new dynamic view.

I went into my permalink settings page and just re-saved the permalink settings (I didn't make any changes) and then tried again and it all worked well after that.

I seemed to remember seeing that somewhere before although i can't recall where exactly. Seemed to work though.

Hope that helps.


That didn't change anything. Does it matter what permalink structure you use? I've got it set to "post name". (I tried them all, and Plain doesn't work, but the rest do the same thing, described as follows.)

However, I did something that changed the URL of the links to look like this:


It's bringing up the form, but not the data for entry 26. It's empty.

If I go into the Forms -> Entries page, there's an entry for #26. I can view and edit it's contents from the admin side.

How do we view and edit from the user's side?

Hi David,

The permalink settings sound fine then so it must be something else.

So just to make sure i've got this right:

Your view short code is on your 'detailed-visits' page
The view is set up to be Dynamic (both)
Within the View > listing page you have the [detaillink] short code
When you click on the [detaillink] link, it takes you to detailed-visits/entry/26 but you get a '404 not found' error.

Could you provide a couple of screenshots of your view set-up?

For example, see attached.





Also, what settings do you have for the 'Advanced Settings' section of the view?

See attached.




Did you get to the bottom of this?

What was causing it and how did you get to a satisfactory outcome?

I'm having the same problem.



Hi Phil,

What worked in the end for me was re-building my permalink structure.

To do that all you need to do is go to the permalinks settings page within Settings and click 'save'.

Hope that helps


OK, thanks Chris.  Tried that one but no improvement.

Thanks for getting back to me.


Some further detail:

Entries are listed correctly but the [detaillink] is behaving oddly...

If the entry is set to create a post, the detaillink correctly shows the detail.

If post creation is disabled, I would expect [detaillink] to take me to a view of the entry.  Instead, it goes to a view of a different entry that doesn't even satisfy the filter conditions.

Very strange!

Further detail:

Recreated forms, views and entries.

[detaillink] now correctly generates links to /entry/[ID] etc

Setup 5 test entries.  [detaillink] is different for each one - as you would expect.

However, if you follow those links, you end up at the same entry.

Deactivated all other plugins.  Problem persists.

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