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I've considered doing a live video series where I tackle different aspects of form building and reporting. Who would be interested in that sort of thing?

Bobby, I love the idea of a Formidable Mastermind class. I hadn't thought about that before. Let me know if you need help pulling something like this together or need guest speakers.

Victor, we can partner up if you'd like. Shoot me an email. The documentation on Formidable is great, but it isn't all that easy to find what you need, when you need it. Even when you do find it, it might not be as straightforward as you think. On top of that we can share some tips and tricks along the way.

Hi Bobby and Victor,
I'm interested. Like you said Formidable forms documentation is good but I am still learning a lot of new things every day, especially from this community forum. I can also share a few tips and tricks I learned when working on projects.


If we do this right, it could benefit a lot of people, and also assist the development team in seeing the kinds of things trying to be accomplished by its users. Thanks for the reply Sujeevan!


I really like the idea, I was even thinking of doing something similar (although I know very little now since I started with FF just a few days ago) because there are things that are not that clear for beginners like me coming from other platforms like Toolset, Metabox, Slack, Zoho Creator, since FF have some unique ways of doing things.


Hi --

What a terrific idea!  I'd love this.  I agree that it would be helpful to us developers, and I think it would be helpful for us in support, as well.


I'll have to make some plans and prepare some content then. Maybe I could get a promoting from FP on it when I'm ready. :)

Hi --

Yes, please get in touch with us when you're ready.  We'd like to promote this!

Thank you!

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