Looking for a form that my members register their missions in.


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Hi I'm kinda new to this but when I saw the formidableforms I just had to buy the pro version for my site.

The site is for swedish judges and technical delegates in skijumping.

What I want FM to do is:

  • Handle a form where my users can register their missions in after each competition.
  • For the Obman (the person in charge) have a filtered view where he/she can go in and see who/whom have done wht and when and also list all missions per type of mission .

I hope it makes sense and that I might get a few pointers.

I guess the form by it self is a no brainer, it's the views that gives me more grey hairs lol.




Hi Lars-Erik,

Nathanael wrote a blog post that approached how to set up a view. You may be able to make correlations by checking out his post on setting up a view for Real Estate Listings:

Best of luck!

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