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Map form repeater field to ACF repeater on form create


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I'm using a formidable form to create new posts on frontend. I've mapped almost all my form fields to ACF fields and it works great. I'm looking to solve one last problem: mapping a repeater field from the form to an ACF repeater field but I see there is no option for that. Looking at the documentation I found this might only be done using custom code. Looking at this link:


I see good examples but not my scenario.  I've started building using those examples but I'm having a hard time building that foreach loop to get the form repeater fields and update the acf repeater. I need some help if anybody had this issue.


Same here, it would be really great if formidable forms add some way to map a repeater field to the ACF repeater field.

John, please let us know if you found a solution.

Please :)

Please, Please :)

Any progress on this?

I am not sure, but you can set repeater fields in ACF pro....

i just do not figure out how the mapping works with those acf sub-fields

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