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Here is a shortcode that allows you to build equations using any shortcodes or numbers plus any of  the four operators: + - * /

Format the number with optional attributes: decimal=2 dec_point='.' thousands_sep=',' (those are the defaults)

Example: [math decimal=0 thousands_sep='']0 + 0 - [384] / 100[/math]

Will only work if you separate everything with a single space.

add_shortcode( 'math', function( $a, $content = '' ) {// change 'math' to whatever you want the shortcode to be named

if ( ! $content ) return "(No equation given)";
// Run Shortcodes to get values
$content = do_shortcode( $content );
// Seperate at spaces (after removing commas space at front and end)
$parts = explode( ' ', trim( str_replace( ',', '', $content ) ) );
// Check for odd number of parts (greater than 1)
$count = count( $parts );
if ( $count === 1 || $count % 2 !== 1 ) return "(Malformed equation)";
// Set subtotal as the first number
$total = (float) $parts[0];
// Process additional numbers using the correct operator
for ( $i = 1; $i < $count; ) {
  switch ( $parts[$i++] ) {
    case '+':
      $total += $parts[$i++];
    case '-':
      $total -= $parts[$i++];
    case '/':
      if ( $parts[$i] == 0 ) return '0';// if dividing by zero, abort and return 0 to avoid php warnings
      $total /= $parts[$i++];
    case '*':
    case 'x':
    case 'X':
      $total *= $parts[$i++];
// Handle format, defaults: decimal=2 dec_point='.' thousands_sep=','
$decimal = 2;
$dec_point = '.';
$thousands_sep = ',';
if ( isset( $a['decimal'] ) ) {
  $decimal = (int) $a['decimal'];
}// Seems like formidable allows decimal or round
elseif ( isset( $a['round'] ) ) {
  $decimal = (int) $a['round'];
if ( isset( $a['dec_point'] ) ) {
  $dec_point = $a['dec_point'];
if ( isset( $a['thousands_sep'] ) ) {
  $thousands_sep = $a['thousands_sep'];

return number_format( $total, $decimal, $dec_point, $thousands_sep );

Hi Andrew is this available so it woks within a sidebar?

Regards Chris

Forget that Andrew, i realised its possible by adding a new view and not using the shortcode directly in a text widget!!


Glad you got it working.  By default shortcodes don't work in text widgets, but you can simply add this to your functions.php:

add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode' );

That is absolutely brilliant!!  And it works with the stats short-code as well, been looking to figure this out for a while now.   Thank you so much!

please today is my first time on this forum. Where do you put the above code?

many thanks


Hello Andrew,

I use your great shortcode on many sites. Just updated to Formidable 3.0 and the shortcodes no longer work. Are you aware of this and might it be fixed?

Hi, Andrew --

I love your clever, creative idea of having a math shortcode!   The code you shared here was the inspiration for adding a math shortcode to Formidable Pro.

Thank you so much!

Having a math shortcode significantly expands what people can do with Formidable -- and it's all thanks to you.

With great appreciation,


Hi Laura,

Thanks for your message!   I don't seem to get notifications on this thread, so I never knew, but a client mentioned it to me yesterday.

Glad it can be of some use to people, I thought it was pretty fun to code :)

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