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Membership Site/Formidable Forms Question


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Greetings! I'm exploring plugin options to build an MVP. I'm looking to build an MVP similar to legal zoom. I'm an attorney that wants to build a DIY legal form site. I'm thinking that I need a membership plugin plus a form plugin. The way I envision it is as follows: User purchases a membership for "DIY Divorce"; user gains access to DIY Divorce form; user is able to fill out form and save while in progress; user is able to come back to website, log back in, and finish already started form. Is this doable with formidable forms? Any recommended membership plugins? I've been looking at memberpress... Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, Formidable can handle the form work that you describe in your post. In fact, assuming the data a user enters may need to be presented in a court filing or require a notary seal, if you combine Formidable with the Formidablepro2PDF plugin, and you have PDF versions of the court forms, the Formidable data can automatically be mapped to the court form for printing. You can route the form to the user with instructions about obtaining the signatures. Once signed, they can mail it into you for filing. Take a look at This is a site I built for a local attorney in Raleigh. Specifically, go to the Tools menu and look at the needs assessment, court cost calculator, and probate timeline. These are all Formidable forms.

Thanks, Victor. The court docs require some conditional logic to automate so the PROtoPDF plugin wouldn't work necessarily. Can you confirm that the users would be able to save their entries and then log back into finish? What does that functionality look like exactly?

Conditional logic is not a problem. If you look at the needs assessment on the site a mentioned, the results display is a Formidable form built entrely with conditional logic.

As for save draft and log back in to finish it, it's a checkbox on the individual form's settings page.

Thanks. Re Conditional Logic, I'm speaking about the final document -  not the form questions - although that is a feature I would utilize. For example, if they answer "yes" to question 1, it will display "ABC" in the final doc. If they say "no" to question 1, it will display "XYZ" in the final doc. I'll be using the user responses with a backend document automation app to create the final documents, which will be downloadable by the user.

That's exactly what I did with the needs assessments results page does on the site. Based on the questions answered on the needs assessment form, the results page uses all kinds of conditional logic to display the results. The only difference between what I did the Raleigh attorney and what you want is that he didn't want the results page saved, so the submit button is disabled. In your case, I would use the submit button to create the pdf. You should really take a look at it. It does exactly what you are seeking.

Thanks, Victor. I checked out the site. That's definitely helpful. I checked out the site. Just FYI, regardless of whether you check that you have children, it pops up questions re children.

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