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I am looking to add posts from the front end using the plugin and I have everything set up and working apart from one thing.

When I create a post from the front end, on viewing the page most of the template is missing so all you see is the site logo and menu. The header is not displayed and nor is the page footer.

If I go into the admin area and re-save the page everything display correctly.

This is due to the fact that the post on submission has a series of theme options available to configure such as;

Enable Header - Enable, Disable, Use Default
Enable Footer - Enable, Disable, Use Default

etc etc as per the screen shots

I cannot workout how to use Formidable to set these options within the form submission so consequently submitting without these is leaving the values empty and therefore the page appears without the correct styling.

Is anyone able to offer any advice or support to help with this?



Any thoughts from anyone on this would be a great help?

Hi Wayne,

Nathanael has a good tutorial on front end posting. Perhaps you could start there.

Well after weeks of trying to get this working I think I am going to have to give up on Formidable ... it should not be this difficult to get it to work - Make a post in the backend everything displays fine, make a post using the formidable plugin and only the title and content displays but it is not saving the post template header or footer for the page in the post view. Open and re-save the post in the admin and everything appears again.

Im at a total loss and have tried every perceivable option that is visible.

Hi Wayne, I'm sorry you're having such frustration. What a bummer. I can totally relate when I get frustrated with something. Before you throw in the towel, may I suggest you get help from support? Formidable's support is really great. They've helped me solve all my problems that don't require custom coding. It sounds to me that your issue is not one with custom coding; it may even be theme conflict. Not sure. But if you allow Formidable to walk you through troubleshooting, I'm sure they can help you pinpoint the issue. If you don't have active support, I heartily encourage you to re-up your support. It's so worth the investment.

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