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mysql server dump


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I do not have this plugin yet, i just have a question. A client currently has a form that when submitted, dumps into a sql database. I want to get their site into wordpress. Does formidable forms take the submitted data from a form and dump it into another mysql table separate from the website database?

and if so, is there some backend to view and sort all the data from every submission?

hi michael,

Formidable Forms (FF) dumps the data into a table in the wordpress database.  it is NOT normalised like you would think...mainly due to the highly configurable nature of the tool itself.  However the use of views allows you to display the data in virtually any way you would like....BUT, it is not a report writer (if you are familiar with that) either.




While this functionality is not native to Formidable, you can create custom code that saves form entries to other mysql tables or even external databases connected through ODBC or a REST interface.

One of my clients, a University, required a complete audit trail and reporting feature for their STEM program. I created custom report tables that were populated with normalized form entries when saved either through the frm_after_create_entry or frm_after_update_entry hooks. I used the same code and applied it to both hooks. I also wrote a custom reporting tool for them to view, print, filter, and export the data using jQuery Datatables as the base.

It was a lot of work and took me about 200 hours to complete, mostly because of shifting requirements. A job like that requires skilled developers and can easily run into the $15k - $20k range. The actual coding time was only about 40 hours. The rest of the time went to documentation, project management, analysis, and administrative overhead.

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