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Need to install new license in updated version.


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We have been licensed users for several years. Accidentally let it expire. We have a lot of data on board from the past. Just bought a new license. Installed the latest version in the same folder but the license key entry gizmo is not appearing in the Global Settings as it should. I tried deactivating then activating. Still not there. Please advise. I have a new key, but nowhere to put it. Thank you.

Are you sure you installed the Pro version. Pro was split out of the core a while back. There are two folders now if everything was installed properly. You now have formidable and formidable pro directories.

Thanks for responding. I changed the folder name to "Formidable" instead of Formidable-Pro before installing so that it would install in the old directory. Is that a mistake? What now?

I would delete the directory entirely through FTP and reinstall both plugins.

Okay. I get it. Will this preserve and apply the Entry data we have accumulated?

Formidable doesn't delete entry data. Before making any changes like this, it's always a good practice to backup the site in case something does wrong. This way you can restore things back to the way they were.

Yup. I will. Thanks!

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