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I was wondering if anyone has the knowledge to help me on a specific matter.

I have a form with a repeatable section, the fields are as follows:

  • Date field
  • Day of the week - Lookup
  • Day period - Lookup
  • Position - Lookup
  • Task to replace - Text Lookup ( Watch lookup fields: Day of the week, day period, position )
  • Replace task with - Text Field
  • Justification for change - Rich Text

What i'm trying to do is change the value of "Task to replace" with the "Replace task with" value, when the entry is created and updated. This only needs to change for the entry being created and not the value set in the form entry from the lookup. the repeatable section is needed to allow multiple changes if needed.

Many thanks Chris

If I'm understanding you correctly, I'm not certain your approach is correct. You are trying to replace the value of a lookup field (Task to replace) with content that's not in the lookup table (Replace task with)? Is that correct?

Hi Victor,

Yes, when the lookup field pulls the value in lets say "Value 1" i need to hook in to this by changing it's value but keeping the original value in the lookup table, so when the field is looked up and value 1 is there i need to then be able to set a new value to replace after the form is submitted or updated.

i have another text field i would enter the new value so it can replace or update Value 1 for the created or updated entry of the lookup field.

This is because i need this to conditionally set a new value if the user wants to make an amendment to the lookup field value for the entry and the view will show the new value based on the id of the lookup field.

My view will render and filter all entries equal to or less than a given number, but on some occasions the user will need to be able to change/edit the values for the entry being created by replacing the look up value to the new value being set.


Alternatively there is some custom code:

[frm-entry-update-field id=[id] field_id=73 value="new value" label="Edit"]

this does a very similar thing but only from the populated entry front end, however the value="new value" can be set backend and is static, if there is a way to hook into this to allow the user front end to set their own value that would be suffice.

Thanks Victor,




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