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New Formidable Date Picker Doesn't Work


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Is anyone else having the problem of the new Formidable datepicker addon not working?

When plugin is activated, all that shows is a single line text field. When plugin deactivated, date feld returns to normal.

The datepicker add-on simply adds additional configuration items to the datepicker in the form builder. Are you saying you are not seeing the additional configuration items as shown on this page:

The additional configurations do show up. The issue is when filling in the form on the frontend. It shows as a single line text (even with 'inline' selected). Nothing happens when I click on the field - no calendar, nothing. Just blank.

My site has been live for 2 years with FF installed on it with numerous other FF plugins - no issues with the other plugins. Just this one.

When I test this in my dev environment, as soon as I click into the date field, the datepicker opens immediately. There's no problem that I can see with the datepicker add-on.

This suggests that the issue is unique to your site. Since the datepicker is a jQuery tool, did you check the browser's console for jQuery conflicts?

Does it happen in all browsers or just your favorite?

Have you tried the browser with its extensions and plugins disabled?

If you post a link to the form's page, maybe a fresh pair of eyes can help spot the issue.

Thanks for your reply @vfontjr.

I had a feeling it had something to do with js as custom js code for another form I was building wasn't working either. It must be the combo of php and js that isn't working together which is a bummer.

I wonder how many people the datepicker field isn't working for as I imagine many would be using php code for many of their forms like I am.


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