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New PDF Plugin


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Hi guys,

i just create a new plugin for view/generate/download PDF.

I keep some idea from the old formidable-pro-pdf-extended but i want to start from the scratch, there's a lot to do and  i have some idea in mind.

It's in early stage it took me some hours but i need it for a client of mine and works.

Here's the repository;

Test it and if you have feedback,pull request,bug etc etc send me.


Hi Redvoler,

that are good news. the good PDF integrating is the reason why I am using gravity Forms.

that was my threat

Hope to use your Plugin in the futures

Great Plugin Wonderful

Recommended for all FF users

Thanks  Redvolver

Great plugin.

I was also able to add a URL on the detailed view of my entries view to create a download pdf link. This will pull the entry number and then generate a pdf of any detailed view entry ...

I did something like this:

Download <a href="[id]">PDF</a> of entry <i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o"></i>

("X" - form id number)

Hope this helps others...

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