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I just completed using formidable to build this directory - The client wants me to display the number of post views (i.e the number of times a post entry) has been viewed under each post - in the grey area beneath the posted ad.

I will be grateful for any suggestion on how to count the number views (views here refer to visitors) for a formidable form of entry and how to display it in a formidable VIEW (views here refer to the function in formidable to display entries).

There's no native way to do this. When I look at your site, it appears that you are using a view on a single page to display the form entry via a passed query variable. Is that correct?

You could use a plugin like Simple URLs to add a counter to the URL, but this means you'd need to create a custom URL for every add.

You may also be able to use custom fields and Ajax to update the counter when an ad is displayed, but this is only a guess since I can't determine how your code works from the front end.

Dear Vfontjr

Thanks for taking time out to assist me. You are right I am using a passed query variable to display the entries. I have not used Simple URL before, I will check it out right away. Also, I will look into how I could add a counter for each click. Loads for giving me a direction I should head towards. Truly appreciated.

I will update you on progress.


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