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Hello, I am having a situation where I can´t move data from a form to another form.-
Form A ID= 12
Text Field ID=110

Form B ID=15
Text Field ID= 201

Form A is set to be Redirected to https//mysite.com/RFQ after submission where this Page has Form B

I want Form B Text Field ID= 201 to Pull/display the Name from Form A Text Field ID=110.

I am using this code in Form B inside the text field [frm-field-value field_id=110 entry=12]
But I haven´t been luky to get it work

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

When you go directly from Form A to Form B through a redirect, the entry has to passed as a parameter in the URL. Your redirect in Form A needs to be:


The shortcode in Form B will be:

[frm-field-value field_id=110 entry=pass_entry]


Thank you! it works..documentation is very clear "Leave [key] as is because this shortcode will get the entry key"

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