Populating lookup fields with dynamic values based on another lookup


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Hi All,

I have a form that students currently fill in to choose their course choices for next year (very basic form).

Once this data is entered I want enrollment counselors to start a new form which has a lot of information, but I want to pre-fill the course choices lookup fields section if data has been entered by a particular student (enrollment counselors will initially select the student that they are enrolling in a lookup field and this is when I want the pre-fill / dynamic values updated to occur) . These lookup forms also need to be able to lookup the course selections (data in another form) if the student has not pre-filled the data or changes need to be made to the enrollment (Yes its starting to get complicated now).

Long and short of it.....

Student Logs in > Enters Courses into Form A> Submits

Enrollment counselor > Logs in > selects student in Form B> has access to all data that student has previously submitted in Form A in lookup fields which also is looking up available courses.

I've attached some pictures for some visual aid.

Any help appreciated 🙂


I've realised that i can use....

[frm-field-value field_id=1147 user_id=joe.bloggs.00]

and that will bring the data across to the new form, however instead of joe.bloggs.00 I need it to read the contents of a field on the current form, not sure if this is possible?


Im thinking it should look like this but it doesn't work.

[frm-field-value field_id=1147 user_id=[1380]] with 1380 being just a text field that I can have auto populate with the the user_id in it from the previoulsy submitted form...

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