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pro vs lite -- what to do?


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after the latest announcement, about having 2 separate plugins.... what do to now?

Before I had:

Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms Pro

Both were required to get Pro... so what now?

do I just delete both and only add Pro?


The Pro version won't run unless Formidable is also installed. You need both if you want pro.


this was in an email from Formidable:

Nested versions discontinued 

First of all, the nested Pro and Lite versions of Formidable have now been discontinued. If you were only running a single Formidable Forms plugin, please log in and check your site. You will see a link after updating to install the Pro version again.

From now on there will be two Formidable Forms plugins – Formidable Forms and Formidable Forms Pro. This just makes everything easier and simpler on our end and yours.


==> what does it mean? or what do we need to do?


That's the same email everyone should have received. The instructions in the letter are pretty clear. If you were running the nested version, meaning only one Formidable plugin with the Pro add-on, you will now see two plugins on the plugin page.

If you have a pro license and don't see the Pro plugin on the plugin page, follow the instructions in the email.

"The instructions in the letter are pretty clear"

No, they were not. And when I look, it looks exactly the same as before.

I thought the same thing after reading the email. One plugin.

Ah well...

I manage dozens of sites for clients. I didn't have to do anything special for Formidable Pro to download and install. Just checking for updates was good enough.

If you sure you have an active Pro license, I suggest you contact support for further assistance.

Discussion closed.